BLESSING GRANTED: What Pope Francis Just Gave Trump Will Make God Smile

Donald Trump is a man who can make Miracles happen. Everyone was expecting President Donald Trump’s meeting with Pope Francis to go poorly. Well, sorry. It went better than good, it went GREAT!

The Pope was slightly cold when Trump arrived, but by the end the US President had melted away his scowl into a big, smile from which laughter abound.

The Pope was so impressed, he gave Trump a special gift. Like the 3 Wise Men from the Bible, the Pope granted President Trump 3 holy gifts as well:

  • An Emblem of Peace Molded into a beautiful plaque

  • A message of Peace for Trump a.k.a. – “The Man of Peace”

  • A selection of bible and words to express and share love of the Gospel

  • The focus on Peace in the gifts is clearly a reference to the AMAZING peace efforts made in the Middle East by Trump this week which led to Palestinian President Abbas calling him “The Man of Peace.”

To see so much warmth towards Donald Trump from a man who once questioned Trump’s Christian faith publicly is proof of the power our President has.

It’s time we let the nation see that Trump is changing the world for the better and pretty much EVERYONE can see it except them. That’s the reason we gotta send this out.

Also give the President a big old “AMEN” if you are proud of him.

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