Body Exhumed By Gowdy’s Team Not Who Anyone Expected

The grave dug up this morning to exhume a body for further autopsy wasn’t a person on the list of 62 Hillary and/or Bill Clinton are assumed to have killed. It wasn’t a high-profile lawyer or political opponent. It wasn’t even a reporter or aide to one of the Clintons who had learned too much. The grave the authorities were forced to desecrate today was that of Hillary’s own family: The Rodhams.

The family plot, located in upstate New York, is the resting place of Hillary Clinton’s parents, grandparents and uncle. sources inside the Gowdy committee have revealed to LLOD’s on-scene Capitol Hill correspondent, Skip Tetheluda, that on a tip from an estranged relative of Bill Clinton’s, the committee was trying to determine if Hillary’s own father, Hugh Rodham, met his demise in 1993 because he was so opposed to his daughter being married to a man he called a “womanizer.” Tetheludah explains:


“A close family member of Bill Clinton who has been estranged for years told the committee in a closed session that Hugh Rodham had nearly convinced his daughter, Hillary, to walk away from the President of the United States before she ended up his next ‘victim.’

She nearly left Clinton until her father died suddenly of a heart attack shortly before the inauguration in 1993. Investigators, especially Trey Gowdy, are interested in finding out if there was any foul play and will be asking the coroner to look for traces of foxglove, including the refined digitalis, that is assumed to be the Clintons’ favorite form of murder poison because it leaves such little trace behind.”

Skip will be camped outside of the coroner’s office waiting patiently for a decision on whether Hugh Rodham’s death certificate will be changed to “homicide” to match Vince Foster’s. The Clintons have no comment other than they are disgusted that Hillary’s family has to go through such an ordeal.

You reap what you sow.

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