BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Dies In The OR-Hillary Still Critical After Boating Accident

Chelsea Clinton was about to embark on a reign of terror similar to the one her mother has been on for 40 years when her life ended on the operating table at Chicago’s St. Hope Hospital. Chelsea and her mother were involved in a boating accident this morning off the coast of North Dakota on Lake Huron.

Investigators say they don’t know what caused the crash that has now claimed the lives of four people and injured 13 more. Hillary Clinton and two other victims are listed as critical and the rest will most likely be treated and released from the local hospital in Piedmont.


The captain of the charter said everything was fine until the boat suddenly increased speed and banked starboard into a barrier island and capsized. Nobody has any idea why that may have happened, so the Secret Service says they haven’t ruled out an assassination attempt. They certainly have enough enemies to look at.

Bill Clinton is still en route from the family compound in Chappaqua, New York and still refuses to comment. Clinton spokesman Christopher Blair told reporters:

“Mr. Clinton is in no way interested in engaging in whatever conspiracy theories you imbeciles will concoct over this. He’s headed to see his wife and just learned that his daughter is dead. Have some respect.”

We’ll continue to follow and update this developing story.

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