BLESSING GRANTED: What Pope Francis Just Gave Trump Will Make God Smile

Donald Trump is a man who can make Miracles happen. Everyone was expecting President Donald Trump’s meeting with Pope Francis to go poorly. Well, sorry. It went better than good, it went GREAT! The Pope was slightly cold when Trump arrived, but by the end the US President had melted away his scowl into a big, smile from which laughter abound. The Pope was so impressed, he gave Trump a…

May 24, 2017

This Saudi Arabian Prince Was So INSPIRED By Trump That He Told Him A Massive Secret

A senior adviser to the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said this in the following statement at the meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump about the Trump refugee ban that was blocked by the 9th Circuit. This was said on March 14, 2017 – but likely wasn’t reported much because it will disrupt the leftist media. Saudi Prince defends Trump's travel ban. Protecting our country from terrorists should…

May 22, 2017