Trump’s Attorney Sekulow Just Uncovered A Huge Problem Involving Obama, Lynch, Comey, And The Clintons

August 11, 2017

After President Trump’s team of investigators found something in the White House, he has a friendly advice for Obama to “get a good attorney.” Trump’s senior adviser and lawyer Jay Sekulow just announced the shocking new and evidence against Trump’s enemies. Sekulow just uncovered a huge problem involving Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and the Clintons. You all know the Lynch-Clinton scandal where Lynch claimed that it was a…


Michelle Set To Release Book About Her ‘Accomplishments’ As First Lady, There Just 1 HUGE Problem

July 14, 2017

Next to the completely laughable name for Michelle Obama’s new book of photos coming out soon is the humorous fact that she will be in a face-off with her very own husband over book sales! That’s right, Michelle’s book, “Chasing Light,” and Barack’s book, “Obama, An Intimate Portrait,” are both coming out around the same time and are both based off of photographs of themselves! The sheer self-love and egotistical nature of these books…



July 7, 2017

Amid concerns about Donald Trump’s fitness to be President, former President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that he was willing to serve as “temp President” while Trump undergoes psychiatric evaluation. “It would just be a temp thing,” Obama told reporters. “As soon as psychiatrists determine that Donald Trump is mentally stable and fit to serve as the most powerful officeholder in the world, I’d step aside.” Obama said that he…


BREAKING: What Obama Was Just Caught Secretly Doing To Trump Could Land Him IN PRISON For 20 Years

July 5, 2017

A lot of Americans consider Obama a criminal for a number of things. Opening up our borders, increasing the national debt, accepting undocumented immigrants as well as ex-convicts into welfare. However, all this time, he had been acting “legally safe”. Most of what he did was not really prosecutable, until now. Back in 2012 Obama created OFA (Organization for Action)with the mission to push Obama’s legislative Agenda after Obama is…


Trump Admin Just Revealed Huge Difference Between Melania And Michelle Obama

How is First Lady Melania Trump different from Michelle Obama? The reports show everything. Check it out! On Friday, a staff salary report was released that showed the difference in payroll by the Trump administration with the Obama administration. The report showed that Trump White House is spending less than the Obama White House. It was found that President Trump’s 2017 payroll is 5,1 million dollars less compared to Obama’s…

July 4, 2017

Obama Devasted After He’s Booed By Stadium Full Of Patriots

July 3, 2017

Barack Hussein Obama likes to believe that he is one of the most popular presidents in American history. However, a newly surfaced video shows that this can’t be further from the truth. According to Conservative Brief, Obama made an appearance on the jumbo screen at a recent WWE wrestling event. The president was expecting a warm reception.   But he was instead booed by the crowd of patriots who are sick of…


A United States Senator Just Accused Barack Obama Of Murder

Senator Sheldon Richards, Republican Junior Senator from Alabama, has outright accused Barack Obama of having a cameraman murdered. In a statement delivered to the Associated Press, Richards said: “Mike Corning was a fantastic cameraman and because he caught the right image at the right time, he was silenced. This wasn’t just some random conspiracy, either…this was the real deal confirmation.” What that means exactly is still a bit of a mystery,…

June 28, 2017

CONFIRMED REPORT: Obama Has A Military Force Of His Very Own (PICTURES)

Barack Obama’s Deep State Shadow Government has adopted a military stance as well as an official declaration of their loyalties. With the American flag in the infamous Obama emblem turned to fire and the words “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” proudly painted as their battle cry, the Obama army has reached nearly 25,000 by official reports with rumors of tens of thousands more, possibly offshore, and the possibility of an entire army…

June 2, 2017

Two Passengers On Plane Shot Down By Obama Were On A Very Special List

The plane Barack Obama illegally ordered shot down this morning off the coast of Europe on his way to Tuscany had two American passengers on it, bot5h of whom happened to appear on a very exclusive list. After hours of research and confirmation from sources both in Europe and in Washington, LLOD reporter Skip Tetheluda tells us there is no question who these people were: “Samuel Kensington and Melissa Watson…

May 23, 2017

Obama Orders US Fighter To Fire On Passenger Plane–152 Civilians Dead

Barack Obama decided to use a small, private plane for a trip to Tuscany. Rather than go below the radar and quietly jet off someplace exotic to stick it to the American taxpayer, the former dictator-in-chief who thought and still thinks he’s above the law had to take a dozen US fighter jets to escort him. As the aerial motorcade made its way into Europe, a medium range plane from…

May 22, 2017