Trump Just Had His Worst Handshake Yet With The Unsuspecting French First Lady

President Trump is off again on another state visit, this time to France to meet with France’s new President Emmanuel Macron – but he couldn’t even make it to the press conference portion without embarrassing himself.

Upon meeting the French First Lady, Brigitte Macron, Trump looked her up and down before he remarked that she was in “such good shape…beautiful” in his trademark creepy uncle way.

Then, he yanked her arm in an extremely disconcerting fashion:



Trump, who is already notorious for groping women without their consent and for his incredibly awkward handshakes, has just embarrassed himself in front of yet another of our closest allies. Trump’s overly aggressive handshakes have prompted world leaders to “practice” their handshakes and prepare for them – but it looks like nobody warned Mme. Macron.

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